Texas Gulf Coast Council of Diving Clubs
Environmental Affairs
One of the purposes and objectives of TGCC, as specified in the TGCC Constitution, is to "foster environmental awareness in the dive community". Understanding that there are many larger and more powerful organizations dedicated solely to environmental issues, we believe our role is best suited to scout for issues of relevance to us as divers and direct you to those organizations. We support the efforts of these organizations with respect to these issues. We especially support the FGBNMS Sanctuary Advisory Council.
Flower Gardens Banks National Marine Sanctuary
Many divers do not realize that the Texas gulf coast offers diving opportunities on vibrant coral reefs teeming with marine life in clear water. While they are located 110 miles offshore, weekend public charters are available most of the year. See the FGBNMS website to learn more. The FGBNMS Sanctuary Advisory Council facilitates communication between the sanctuary staff and groups such as TGCC that are interested in how sanctuary resources are managed.


  • Climate change and the Gulf of Mexico Alliance
    Casey Roberts of the Gulf Restoration Network calls for us to write letters to our governors, urging their appointees to the Gulf of Mexico Alliance to create a Climate Change priority team.

  • Frank and Joyce Burek have received numerous awards; the latest is having a newly discovered fish named after them - the Mardi Gras Wrasse, Latin name Halichoeres burekae.