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Message from the Chairman
Howdy y'all,
TrashFest '07 was a resounding success! We had perfect weather and 294 participants on 42 teams. All told, we weighed in 4353 lbs of trash from the river, and counted another 7215 cans, plus 229 shoes and sunglasses. The participation figure is a record for this decade, and the shoes and sunglasses number was the highest count in 10 years!
The winners in each category were:
Aggregate Weight
1st place   811 lbs   Maximum Scuba II
2nd place   556 lbs   Scuba Steve's Reef Rangers
3rd place   385 lbs   Water Buffalos
4th place*   372 lbs   Scuba Steve's Angelfish
*not normally awarded
Number of Cans, Bottles, Cups
1st place   1759 pcs   Gulf Coast Scuba II
2nd place   1371 pcs   Texas Mud Ducks
3rd place   1083 pcs   Scuba Steve's Chicken Divers
Most Shoes/Sunglasses
1st place   53 pcs   Shoe Krewe Divers One
2nd place   36 pcs   Bottom Suckers
3rd place   35 pcs   Texas Mud Ducks
Most Unusual Item (Adult)
1st place   Lamp post   Larry Waldo
2nd place   Pirate ship   Don Perryman
3rd place   Crawfish in a bottle   Deborah Ayers
Most Unusual Item (Youth)
1st place   Fuzzy dice keychain   Briana & Bethany Janson
2nd place   Very old Pepsi can   Alex Mayo
3rd place   Jelly   Doug Hearn

Congrats to all of our winners!
A BIG thank-you to everyone who played a part in this year's TrashFest - the volunteers who put in countless (unpaid!) hours, the sponsors who were extremely generous, and all of the participants who turned out and made it a fantastic TrashFest.
We're looking forward to TrashFest '08. Mark your calendars - it'll be on Oct 4, 2008
Roger Veteto
TrashFest 2007