Texas Gulf Coast Council
of Diving Clubs

2009 Photo Gallery
Morning registration at the Comal County Fairgrounds.

It starts be getting to the fairgrounds.

First you get the forms.

Then you sit down with your team and fill them out.

All of you.

And there were a lot of you.

Buy a charity raffle ticket while you wait.

Or buy the official Trashfest T-shirt.

Lots of divers bought the shirt.

Or had their own version made.

Or wore previous Trashfest shirts.

Some teams had professional signs.

Others were happy with home made.

When you're all done, the captains register your team.

Waivers and c-cards are checked, dinner bands issued.

Then your captain gets your team section. Go ahead, they won't bite.

It's as simple as drawing a number from a cup.

Then you get directions and parking info for your section.

And just like that, you're all gone.